The TV Series

Crossing The Rubicon – the TV Series

Yes, it’s true, although we are very early in this, we’ve finally found some interested parties to help move this forward. Current plans are for this to cover the three books, Crossing The Rubicon – The Journey (book 1 released in 2012), Semper Fi (book 2, released in 2013)  and The Art of War (book 3, released in late 2016).

Each book will be one season, consisting of ten 60 minute episodes that takes you along for the incredible journey of Trinity and her friends.

Currently production is set for summer of 2017 and could be available by fall of 2017/winter 2018. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see this come to fruition, so please keep visiting us for updates and follow us on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Yes, A Trilogy

With the breadth of stories, the different locales (South Africa, Europe, Canada and more) and the various characters involved in the story, breaking each book into multiple 60 minute episodes was the perfect idea. This gives us the latitude we require to fully develop the characters many of you have grown to love and to make sure the story doesn’t miss any of the important elements.

In total, our vision is for these episodes to take you through the years and the locations of our adventurers. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we are enjoying bringing it all together for you.

RC Richter Productions Inc

Working with Randy Bradshaw – Director/Producer

Three books – Crossing The Rubicon The Journey, Semper Fi and The Art of War

A total of 10 x 60 minute episodes.

The series will be a co-production between Canada, Mexico and Spain Canary Islands

Cast – TBD

In development

We will be traveling to MIPTV to promote the series.

Budget – TBD


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