The Art of War – Crossing The Rubicon Book III

The Art of War. 

The Art of War Final Chapter of Crossing The Rubicon series

To every great story, there comes a time when we are forced to say goodbye. 

From the cliffs of La Palma Island, to the deserts of Northern Chile, to the towering islands of the Andaman Sea in Thailand, this is The Art of War.

What started out as a fold in time for seven friends in the years 2014 to 1740, became so much more, a time altering event, from which history would be forever changed.  Simple words written on parchment, can be more powerful than any weapons we know.

In the “Art of War”, Trinity, Jacob and Keara, once again cross time, from 2017 to 1883 and finally 2337 to battle the Gate Keepers and free the world from the tyranny of future slavery.

Now Trinity must decide between her friend, her lover, and the all the unborn souls of future humanity.  Who will live, who will be lost to the winds of time.

In the end, honour, love, friendship are the things which bond Trinity, Jacob and Keara.  

Come cross the Rubicon for the final time.  

“I could feel the water at my feet as I crossed the river to the other side. I was home, the journey was over.  I had crossed the Rubicon for the last time.”   Trinity Warner. 

Book III is going to be available for purchase via Amazon shortly before Christmas 2016 making it the perfect way to close out the series for its many fans.

Crossing The Rubicon - Long Sunset Line

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