Crossing the Rubicon – Season One


“The Journey”

By RC Richter

Premise & Synopsis



‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is a time-traveling adventure with lots of excitement and imagination to spare, complete with a strong female lead. Seven teens are transported back in time to the 18th Century and must find a way to survive without any of the conveniences of home (or the future for that matter). It’s the perfect time to in our history for this story because of how technologically savvy (and dependent) teens have become (in fact the reader would’ve like to see even more of these teens struggling without Facebook, Twitter, iPads, etc.). After leaping back in time the teens set out to find a nice place to settle and almost immediately one of the group members dies. This immediately sets up the high stakes and danger facing our leads. There are more exciting set pieces that follow, including naval warfare in the big finale. The secondary characters are effective as well, from the Salish, to Don Carlos, to Friar Bernardo, they all work and add to the mix. The dialogue is also a standout right now as it helps develop the characters discussed above while layering in subtext on a number of fronts including redemption, forgiveness, love, family, friendship, violence, life, and loss. There are some witty one-liners and sharp observations along the way that help elevate things and break up the tension. Last, the tone is even and consistent throughout.


Crossing the Rubicon continues the tradition of the first half of the season though the time travel is replaced by generations of family passing the torch and the legend. The original group of seven is whittled down to five, then four, and adventure waits around every corner. Through it all they stick together, best friends, and then family. The high stakes continue in the sequel, and now the teen girls are dealing with pregnancy in a less advanced time. This ramps up the tension and adds a ticking clock to the quest for the diamonds and enough wealth to settle down for good. Through it all, Trinity continues to collect her journals and photographs as proof of what happened to her and her friends so their own families will eventually come to understand everything. There are a couple of exciting set pieces involving ships caught in a storm and attacking bandits, and the ending certainly provides the closure the previous installment lacked (though it goes on far too long). The secondary characters this time around include Francisco, Claudia, Berg, Shipipa, and their new children, Erich and Bianca, all of them adding something to the mix. And as before the dialogue is effective as it helps develop the characters discussed above while layering in subtext when it comes to family, friendship, love, life, loss, faith, loyalty, and heart. Trinity’s narration can be effective at establishing smooth transitions. Last, the adventurous tone is even and consistent throughout.

SYNOPSIS: Crossing the Rubicon – Season One (6×60 min)

Seven teenager friends: TRINITY, KIM, KEARA, ANDY, TOM, ROBERT, and JACOB, set out for a trip to explore a series of caves near their home in Calgary, Canada. They reach the Chungo Caves and lower themselves down into the darkness using rope. Once inside the caves they experience a weird sensation as loud noises and bright light fill the area. They decide to call it a day early and head back up top only to discover that things have changed. The tree they tied the rope to is gone. As is their vehicle, and the campsite they used earlier. Jacob quickly surmises that they must have traveled back in time and now they have to come up with a new plan and why to survive. They decide to travel east for the time being, hope to find something. However the clock is ticking because Robert is a diabetic and only has a few days’ worth of insulin with him. They march and march but unfortunately the supplies run out and Robert does get sick, goes into a coma, and then die. The friends bury him, heartbroken. Trinity decides they can’t just leave their grieving families in the future never knowing what happened. She starts keeping a journal to explain all that happened and then hopes that somehow she will get it to their families in the future.

The group continues west and eventually reaches the ocean. They then meet a tribe of natives named the Salish. The Natives take them in, give them a place to stay, food to eat. The teens ride out the winter with their new friends and when spring arrives they come up with a new plan. They will travel by boat south to Mexico, enjoy the warm weather and settle in. They say goodbye to their new native friends and climb aboard two boats. It takes a little while to sail south but eventually they reach Mexico (future Mexico anyway). They seek refuge in a Catholic Church and FRIAR BERNARDO takes them in and treats them right. He then introduces them to a rich local named DON CARLOS. Jacob decides to sell Don Carlos some of their future belongings in order to raise money to travel to Europe (another part of their quest to settle and arrange to leave word for their families in the future). Don Carlos is impressed with the group and takes them in for a while. They then decide to go to South Africa and beat the DeBeers company to the punch, discover their diamonds first. They head east to catch a ship to Spain and book three cabins. The ship sets out with one stop in Havana before heading further east.

Unfortunately British ships intercept the Spanish boat at a time of war and the teens have to help defend the Spanish ship for fear of what will happen to them if the British take them as prisoners. A bloody battle rages on and countless people are hurt or killed before the Spanish successfully fend off the British. Trinity is hurt, as is Jacob, but Kim is killed, shot through the heart. The teens bury their friend at sea before reaching Cuba and moving on to the next stage of their plan. They still have a long way to go.

Cuba, 1740 – TRINITY, her (now) husband, JACOB, friend KEARA, and Keara’s husband TOM, arrive in Cuba alongside friend ANDY. They just lost their other friend, KIM, in a battle at sea against the British. Andy was closer than the others to Kim and takes the loss personally. Upon arriving in Cuba they are greeted by Governor FRANCISCO and his wife, CLAUDIA. They are thanked for their effort to fend off the British with hundreds of gold coins and given a place to stay until hurricane season passes. The group lives with the Governor and his staff in his house. They mourn Kim and start to rebuild their lives. Trinity soon realizes she is pregnant and worries this will complicate their plans of going to Europe and then Cape Horn in Africa. Still, Jacob is happy to hear the news and they prepare for their journey. At a certain point Andy can’t deal with things anymore, leaves a note, and disappears into the night after setting fire to the Spanish ship which delivered them to Cuba. Trinity discusses possible places he ended up but no one ever knows for sure.

After hurricane season passes the group gets on a ship called the Europa and sails for close to a month before finally arriving in Spain. From there they travel by coach to Amsterdam. Every step of the journey is arduous and Trinity worries about her pregnancy as she gets further and further along. The goal is to be in Africa before she gives birth. From Amsterdam Jacob finds first class passage for the group aboard another boat. It deals with rough weather and potentially deadly water, but eventually reaches Cape Horn in one hundred days. The group settles in and Jacob and Tom immediately get to work buying supplies. Their goal is to root for diamonds in the area where they know DeBeers sets up shop a hundred years down the line. First they have to deal with Trinity’s health and impending pregnancy and they hire a midwife named BERG. She takes care of Trinity, seeing her through her pregnancy and the birth of a little girl. The family is happy but gets to work. Additional stress surfaces though with the news that Keara is now pregnant as well.

The group digs up a wealth of diamonds over a couple of months but must return when summer arrives. Keara gives birth a few months later to a little boy. The families stay on a farm with a French family. They head back to the diamond area afterwards and end up saving the life of a young boy from a Bushman Tribe. He returns the favor by saving Keara and Trinity when they are attacked by a bunch of robbers. Jacob and Tom get 1228 carats of diamonds to add to their savings and then pack it in. They travel back to Cape Horn and then arrange for passage back to Europe. They get dropped off in Lisbon with only a little bit of money left but soon sell off some diamonds and use the new money to buy property and move to the Canary Islands. There they live happily ever after and Trinity leaves word for her future generations so the news of everything that happened will eventually reach her own parents in the twenty-first century. The parents and loved ones of ALL of the missing teens are brought to the Canary Islands where the teens are memorialized, their legend examined. They are gone, but clearly lived rich, fulfilling lives. (That is until years later).

Crossing the Rubicon Season Two (6×60 min)

“Semper Fi”

Spring 2014. Seven high school friends go caving in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They return to the surface, having battled their fears and the elements to escape a cataclysmic event deep within the earth, only to find that the battle is not over. The world they’ve known their entire lives no longer exists. Those lives, their family histories forever altered. Their new reality… they’re trapped in 1750!

After fifteen years of almost-constant grieving for the lives and families they were torn from, the four surviving, now-married members of that group, Trinity and Jacob Kennedy, Tom and Keara Wilde, reside on La Palma, in the Canary Islands. This new life one of both joy and heartbreak. The joy of having started new families, here in the past. The heartbreak, that their children will never know their grandparents, nor the incredible story of how they came to be.

Happy as they may be, the four time-travellers still long desperately to see their parents and siblings, again. United in the regret of never having shared their lives and love as they long to be able to now, they share a deeply-rooted dream of returning to the world they were torn from.

One sunny afternoon, Trinity’s sole connection to 2014 life, a solar-charged cellphone she listens to music on, is recruited for a purpose it hasn’t served in a decade and a half. It buzzes, receiving a text message: “Hello Trinity… Trinity are you there?”

From that moment onward, the dream enters the realm of reality. Perhaps there is a way back.

Through a diary Trinity has painstakingly kept, she tells the story of their adventures and loss for her descendants to pass down generation-to-generation. These insights, and the foreknowledge of things to come, re-shape the family’s history as time marches on. By the time of Trinity’s parents’ existence, they’ve built one of the largest privately owned companies in the world, the Kennedy-Warner Corporation. But as the centuries pass, and the time-travellers’ exploits become known in the future, Trinity’s descendants will not be the only ones who come to possess knowledge of this incredible family history.

A group of future scientists are able to identify, thanks to the rich tapestry of knowledge that is Trinity’s story, a recurring solar anomaly that allows for time-travel through sixteen subterranean ‘gates’ spread across the globe. These are the Gatekeepers, who develop a technology to activate these gates, permitting them to control movement back and forth though time. Anointing themselves the guardians of space-time’s fragile integrity, they strive to prevent disastrous paradoxes that might arise from the smallest of anomalies created in the time line. The Gatekeepers dub the first time-travellers the ‘Origins’. Now, one of these Gatekeepers has tracked them down in the 1700s.

When the Gatekeeper who tracked down Trinity is found dead, the Origins come into possession of his computer and ‘gate’ generators. This stunning discovery could provide them the chance to see their families once again. But in researching how to use these wondrous tools, they discover that three of them will not survive the foreseeable future. In fact, learning the dates of their deaths. So, with a limited number of gates available to them, it’s essentially now or never. Next chance: a cave in Chile, and in short order.

Success! The Origins jump ahead in time, to Santiago, Chile. 2016. The children are shaken to their core by this strange new time. They are far from the only ones surprised. Thanks to 21st century technology Trinity’s father is made aware of his daughter’s return to his place in time. Most pressing, though, the Gatekeepers are alerted to alterations being made to the past as they know it. Scrambling to keep the future from being re-written, a team is sent back to ‘deal with’ the Origins . To return the Origins’ children to the 1700s. To repair the proper march of time.

While her father, quick to head to Chile, desperately searches the city for Trinity, the Gatekeepers’ team of would-be assassins launch a bold, daylight attack on the Origins, right at their hotel. Trinity and company react with deadly force, yet another unexpected wrinkle that forces the Origins to drastically reconsider their plans. They are now being hunted, and if the Gatekeepers have been able to find them in Santiago, they’re likely to find them in Canada, and anywhere else they go. The dream of seeing their 2016 families crushed again, the Origins depart again, headed back to 1700s La Palma.

Almost ‘home’ safe and sound, the 1700s prove just as dangerous as the future, if in completely different ways. With the group just hours from their estate home, Mother Nature takes her turn at the Origins. The Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 strikes and the Origins’ boat is slammed by a resulting tidal wave. Jacob risks his life to save Trinity when she is swept from their boat’s deck into the raging sea. Battered and defeated, but amazingly still alive, they return to La Palma determined to gain their footing in forever shifting circumstances.

Trinity grapples with the impending end of her life. Hoping she and the others might be able to cheat death, she convinces her fellow Origins to allow the children, all born in the 1700s, to live their lives out in the appropriate time period, while the four of them gamble and jump time again.

This jump transports them to 1880′s Cairo, a time where possessing 21st century skills will serve them well, while the technology of the period can’t yet be used to track them down. They settle into new lives, having seemingly circumvented their own demises. Purely by happenstance, an emerging 19th- century technology, photography, will result in another ripple in time, bringing this tenuous, temporary stability to an end.

Driven from Cairo by revolution, they grudgingly return, once again, to La Palma of old. Restless and frustrated, they regroup, forced to re-examine their perception of their proper place in time. Quickly, however, the serenity of life on La Palma is devastated when a second team of Gatekeepers attacks. The price the Origins pay is even higher, this time. Not only is the estate all but destroyed in the battle, but Tom is killed and it’s all the others can do to escape with their lives. Once again, their entire world has been turned upside-down. They can no longer stay in this time.

Weary of being on the defensive and running from the Gatekeepers, intent on regaining control of their lives, the surviving Origins leap ahead in time, once again. Leaving their new families behind, possibly forever, they return to 2016. Trinity’s dream of rejoining her family is fulfilled. But the time-travels are far from over. It’s time to take the fight to the Gatekeepers.
Crossing the Rubicon Season Three (6×60 min)

“The Art of War”

Production notes Feb 21, 2014 RC Richter


Episode 1


Trinity sits looking out over the ocean in the year 2016.  She looks back on her life.   In her own words she talks about a dream, in which she stands by a river looking across at her lost friends, and children.  Standing on the far bank is Tom, Kim, Andy, Robert, Bianca, and Christopher.    The shallow water is slowly moving between them.   She smiles.  She looks to each side of her and sees Keara, Jacob and her Mom and Dad standing next to her.

She talks about how a child should never die before their parents.  She looks back thankful yet sad how things have turned out.  She now just wants to go on with her life, trying to put the past behind her.  Hoping for the best.


“Let me Tell you A Story”

We open in 1762, at the wedding of Bianca and Orlando on the Island of La Palma.  It is the day before the wedding ceremony.  There is a party to celebrate the upcoming event.   As Bianca and Orlando talk with friends, Bianca sees two strangers standing (a man and woman) among some of their guests.  The woman looks so familiar to Bianca, like she has seen her before.   She slowly steps forward, towards them.  The woman and man are Maria and Carl, they smile at Bianca.  They move to the side and begin to talk to Bianca and tell her who they are.   Bianca asks about her Mother and Father.   Maria looks to Carl, they smile.   “We have a story we what to share with you about your parents. “


Crossing the Rubicon, The Art of War………

It has been a few weeks since returning home to 2016.  Trinity, Jacob and Keara are trying to adjust to daily life again.  There is a tension in the air between all of them.   They would like to leave the estate but know that they cannot step from its walls.  For doing so would slowly bring news to the world around them that they are once again living in 2016.  This news would make its way to 2337 and the Gatekeepers who would come looking for them.   They are prisoners in this time.

Trinity and Carl talk about the meaning of love.  The love for a child, the love for a parent.  They talk about loss.   Second chances.  Carl regrets not watching Trinity grow into an adult.  Not being there for her marriage, not knowing her children.  Missing her life.   They look back on the last 15 years.  The reason to live was lost when they left the children behind in 1756.  Each day now is filled with regret and lasting sadness.

The thought of revenge is forgotten, as Carl talks Trinity and Keara out of it.   Live your life child. Grow old, be happy, and be thankful.   “I lost you once; I will not lose you again.”

Finally they can no longer take it; they need to escape their self-imposed imprisonment.  Trinity, Jacob and Keara leave the estate home and head towards Santa Cruz de la Palma on the far side of the island.  On the way there, they stop at a gas station to buy fuel and food.   While there they look up at a video security camera which is watching their every move in the store.  Little do they know that the video will change this and every day ahead for them?  As they leave the gas station and head out onto the HWY to San Cruz, a car comes speeding towards them and tries to crash into them head on.  Just at the last second Jacob manages to miss the car but in doing so he rolls their car. The other car plunges into the valley below.  Trinity, Jacob and Keara just escape with their life.  Jacob makes his way down to the car wreck.  There he pulls a man from the car with no ID on him.   Trinity works her way down to see.  The only thing they can find on the body is a small tattoo of an all Seeing Eye.  Trinity has seen this before on the bodies of the Gatekeepers who attempted to kill her and the others months earlier.    How did they find them?   Jacob thinks back to the video camera in the gas station.   It is now very clear that they cannot go anywhere in this time without their movement being tracked and the info being saved and passed onto the future for the Gatekeepers to use against them to know where and when to find them and kill them.

They meet back at the villa.   It is clear, that the future Gatekeepers will not give up on killing the three time travelers.

Carl looks to Maria and knows what needs to be done.  There are only two options.  One:  leave this time and find a time before computers; where they can live safely.   Or go to the future and face the Gatekeepers.


Episode 2 “The house of 12”

At first they think about leaving and going back to the past, to hide.  The Black slate computer is pulled out to find a safe time to hide in.  Carl requests some help from one of his tech guys to dig into the information, in the computer.  Jacob and the others have only seen part of the history the computer holds.  A tech, by the name of Dave, or as Trinity calls him Geek.  Looks over the computer and is overwhelmed by how advanced the design is.   Dave spends a few days looking at the info it holds and then reports back to Carl and the others about what he finds.   Sine Trinity and the others have traveled so much in time there are very few places to now go and hide.  Their only hope is the early 1800’s, but they must stay clear of anything to do with their family, their children, etc.   But then Dave goes on to tell the group what the future is like with the Gatekeepers.  The year 2337, is a dark time, the world is controlled by 12 families.   The people of the time have nothing, everything they think of, is stolen by the fact that their every move is watched by the Gatekeepers super computer that keeps track of absolutely everything.  The stolen knowledge is taken and then used by the super-rich families and their people.  In this way the poor will always be held down by the rich.  The world now only has 900 million people, living in slavery to the 12 families.  The Gatekeepers are the key in the plans of the rich to make sure the time line is never changed and the order of time is held the same.   They do not want people going back in time changing things.  With Trinity and the others alive there is a great danger that things could change which would bring down the 12 families. The 12 houses.

Trinity asks if their family is one of the 12 houses which hold everything.  Dave pauses and then says, “No Trinity, they are not of the 12.  Your family line is long since removed from this future world.”

Once they hear of the news of what the future holds, they decide the past is not an option.  Because of their crossing in 2014 they set into motion all the events which would lead up to the dark future ahead for mankind.

Trinity, Jacob and Keara now decide they must go ahead in time to battle the Gatekeepers and bring them down, to free the future people from darkness.

Bring the fight to them.  “Perhaps you will have your revenge, Trinity” Carl says.

Trinity and the others are tired of running.   No more.   They know their actions started all the events in this timeline and brought about the dark future.  They know they must now try and put an end to what they started.

Carl will help with money and a team to train the three to fight, to wage war with the Gatekeepers.

Working in secret, Carl brings in a team of ex-soldiers to help with the attack on the future Gatekeepers.

The lead is Ryan, an ex SAS officer.

Carl does not want Trinity to go to the future, but Trinity will not back down, Keara will not back down, Jacob will be by Trinity’s side to the end.

They start to train.  One of the soldiers asks Trinity if she has ever killed anyone.  Trinity answers, yes.  “Over the years I have lost count.”    The soldier responds, “I thought so, I saw it in your eyes.”

As they train they need to figure out a way to get to the Gatekeepers of 2337.   The problem is that they do not have an end point in time.   With the rules of time travel you need someone to provide the next end point in time to cross over to.   Unless these settings are sent back from the future you cannot jump ahead to the end time.   You can only go as far as the setting which you have.  For the team it means they would be arriving years early, around the time Markus Keel left.   Since this did not happen they would fail in the mission or some event would not let them make the crossing.   The rules of time travel are very clear; you need the last end point.

After talking this over, Trinity comes up with a plan, that they should return to 1882 the island in the Andaman Sea, the place where the assassination team would most likely cross over at.  They could be there before the assassination team arrives.   By doing so, they could wait and intercept the next package (the POD) which holds the return settings for the GATE.  With these settings they could cross over to the last end point in time, surprising the Gatekeepers and strike at them within the mountain fortress.


Episode 3   “A Song for Tom”

After 6 long months of training the team is tired.  Ryan is not sure they are ready.  Ryan is a lifelong solder and the men around are good at what they do.  Trinity and the others are still driven by revenge.  In Ryan’s mind this will only get them killed.  But they must go!

In the last few days leading up to the crossing Carl tells Maria he too is going with Trinity and the others.  He is the father and as so, he must watch over his daughter to the end.  He was the one who brought her into this world and he will be the one to watch over her until she returns to this time.

Maria wants no part of this, but understands what needs to be done.

The question which is on every one’s mind is can Trinity, Jacob and Keara cross over into 1882.  The fact is that in this timeline there is already a Trinity, Jacob and Keara living on La Palma Island.  Will the fact that two identical people sharing the same time cause a paradox?  Will both Trinity’s no longer exist?

Finally the day comes to cross.  Well trained, and well equipped they cross over and make their way to the future island of the Gatekeepers. There they wait for the assassination team to cross over to 1882.  The fact they are still living means no paradox has happen.  Good news for now.

Keara is haunted by the death of Tom her husband by the Gatekeepers.  While she waits for the Gatekeeper to show she looks back at her scarce from where she was shot and almost killed.  She looks back on her life with Tom her children her loss her anger.  She once had everything, but now her world is filled with loss.

Soon the day arrives; they see the team leave the cave from within the island.

For Keara this is the moment she has been waiting for.  She leaves the group and makes her way toward the 9 Gatekeepers, her mission clear, to kill them.   She believes by doing so she can somehow save Tom’s life.  Just before she is about to pull the trigger and kill the first Gatekeeper, Trinity puts a gun to her head telling her that she will kill her if she takes the shot.  Trinity tells Keara that by killing the Gatekeepers now, it will not bring back Tom.  In this timeline Tom is gone.  She will not suddenly wake up with Tom by her side in bed.    Perhaps in some other timeline, Tom will live, but for her he will always be gone.

They let the Gatekeepers sail away on the Chinese Junk to carry out the mission to kill the four on La Palma Island.  Once they leave they make their way down to the cave from which the 9 Gatekeepers came to this time.  In it they are looking for the POD which was or will be sent back from the future with the new end date in it.   With this data, they will know how to return to the year 2337.  The next usable date which will not overlap the earlier crossing dates.  (The rules of time travel)

No POD is found.   As they know the POD could still come at any minute or as in some cases the POD is already there before the team or group from the future crosses over.   After waiting four days, they conclude that most likely the POD arrived before the 9 Gatekeepers left the cave and for this reason they must have taken it along with them.

All they can do now is wait for the surviving Gatekeeper to return from the failed mission and stop him before he crosses back over.   They know from the Black slate computer the next window is in nine weeks.  So they wait.


Episode 4   “Love and Loss”

The team head to Singapore for the next 8 weeks.  But after being in Singapore for a few days, Keara disappears in the night.  She leaves on a steamer, to places unknown.   She leaves with weapons and night vision equipment.    Trinity knows right away where she is going.   La Palma to stop the assassination team.

The team from 2016, scrambles to find a ship to take then west to La Palma.  Keara has a two week start on them now.

Finally a day before the assassination attempt on them in 1882 the team lands on La Palma Island and makes their way to the west coast to try and find Keara and stop her.

On the morning of the last day for Tom, in 1882 Keara (2016) comes up to the estate home.  She thinks back on the last day.  She knows where she was, asleep resting and Tom was out and about.  She finds Tom, and looks at him, with loss.  Tom is caught off guard.  Keara comes to him and holds him she cries, and asks for forgiveness, they make love.  At the end Keara leaves him and says she will always love him to the end.

Tom returns to the estate home a short time later to find Keara now sleeping in their bed room.  But this is the Keara from 1882.

Night falls on the estate, and just after midnight, the assassination team comes ashore, and makes their way up the hill towards the cliff top home.

As it did the first time in history, gunshots ring out as Tom is killed and the others are wounded.  But, this time, Keara waits in the shadows, fighting back tears. She finally climbs into one of the small boats left on the beach by the Gatekeepers and makes her way to the Chinese’s Junk, ship.  Standing by the railing is the ninth Gatekeeper, looking out at the now burning estate home on the cliff.  As Keara gets closer she turns and pulls a silenced rifle and fires it striking the ninth man.  He falls to the deck.  Keara boards and stands over his body, just as some of the Chinese crew make their way onto deck.  Keara confronts them, shooting one of them in the leg. She then takes the Gatekeeper and demands to know where the POD is.  He looks at her and finally gives in.  Hours later as the sun comes up over the island, the Gatekeeper dies as Keara looks on.  Keara has taken her first revenge for the loss of Tom.  Keara now stands on the ship deck looking at the crew; she looks out at the burning estate.

By the morning light, the team led by Ryan and Trinity come to the estate.  This time they are seeing it as visitors.  Trinity looks at her arm reliving the pain of the night.

Trinity then spot the Junk at anchor just of the coast.  They spot Keara on the deck and make radio contact with her.  They learn of what she has done and make their way to the ship.

They reunite. Keara drops the POD at Ryan and Carl feet.  “Now let’s go to the future!”


Episode 5 “The Gate”

They now have the key needed to return to 2337.   They will be able to enter the Gatekeepers mountain fortress and strike revenge on then.

Regardless what comes in the coming weeks, Carl is thankful he was given this time with his daughter Trinity.  He was given back some of the years he lost.

They return to 2017 and prepare their strategy to battle the Gatekeepers of 2337.

They set into motion the plan to attack the Gatekeepers in 2337.  They must look past the need for revenge and look at the mission to end the Gatekeeper’s role in the future.   They know the super computers which control or record all time events must be destroyed.   There are three computers; the first is always online recording the world events for the last 400 years.  The second and third are offline removed from the internet; only every 48 do they come online to compare the information the first computer has on file.  If the information matches, time is secure and unchanged.  But, if there is a difference on the recorded saved back up, it is flagged and noted.  This is deemed to be a change in known history and must be fixed or stopped.

The plan is to take a three part chemical explosive weapon along with the assault team and place it within the computers.  The reason behind the chemical explosive lies in the fact that any electrical device will be drained of power once it crosses through the gate.  Being a chemical based explosive the bomb can still be set off as needed.

After a few weeks of getting ready and pulling a number of favors from other groups, Carl brings everything together for the mission.    Ryan goes over the plan one last time.  They will enter the mountain via the Gate in the cave at the base of the mountain.  Once inside, they will fight their way towards the computer complex and set the bomb.  From there they will have to fight their way out of the mountain before the bomb explodes, destroying everything.

The team led by Ryan heads to the modern day island which in the future will be the base for the Gatekeepers.   There they say their good byes to Maria and the others, Trinity, Carl, Jacob, Keara, and the others know the risks.

They cross over and find they are now in the year 2337 in the mountain lab of the Gatekeepers, or gate room. The Gatekeepers were expecting the assassination team of 9 to return but are surprised to see the warriors from 2017.  They attack and quickly push out of the lab and make their way towards the computer complex.  The alarm goes out.  KA knows what is happening and must do everything he can to stop the attack.  The future and the present rely on it.

The team take a number of losses as they enter the computer complex.  Jacob is hit in the hand by gun fire but continues to fight.

They are able to place the bomb and set it.  From there they fight their way out of the mountain to freedom.   They commandeer a futuristic aircraft and force the pilot to fly them to safety.  As they clear the island it explodes destroying the computer and all its knowledge for all time, freeing future and past generations.

They now are fleeing to a location some 800 km away which will be the next crossing point to return back to 2017.  The window will be in 48 hours and they must work quickly to make this crossing point before it is lost.   With the loss of the super computer there is no way of knowing when any of the future crossings will take place.   This is the last known crossing.   Missing this one will forever maroon the team in 2337.  They must move quickly, there will only be a 6 hour window this time.

As the aircraft travels along, it is suddenly intercepted by a second aircraft, commanded by KA.  He too was just able to escape the explosion.  He is now bent on revenge at any cost.

The aircraft with the escaping team is hit and goes down crashing into the jungle killing many on board.



Episode 6   “I feel the water at my feet.”

In the crash Keara is badly hurt.   Trinity and the team do all they can to save her life, but fail.   Keara dies in the arms of Trinity her lifelong friend.  Trinity takes her and holds her as she did with Kim all those years ago.  One would think she would cry for her lifelong friend.   But, she just holds her and says.  “She is home now, with her children, with Tom, and the others.”  Trinity and the others say their goodbyes for the last time and now must push hard to make the crossing point.  There are only 46 hours remaining.

They push through the jungle toward the cave and crossing point.  They are still 12 kms short to making their goal.

KA and his chase team have landed and started to go after the team.  For the next 24 hours there is a running gun battle between the two groups.

As night comes they stop to rest, Jacob is feeling sick.  His hand is hurting very badly, he is weak. That night Trinity and Jacob try to get some sleep, but as morning comes, Trinity awakes to find that Jacob has died in the night next to her.  She is devastated, and breaks down, crying.

Carl, Ryan and the team know they must push on to make the crossing, they are so close. Trinity says her good byes to her love and husband for the last time.

They make the cave.  In just a few hours the window will open for the crossing.  They place the three gates to activate the field which will return them to 2017.  Now they wait.

As they wait KA and his men get to them.  KA knows he must stop them before the crossing happens. For the next few hours there is an on again, off again battle being fought.

Finally there is a large push by KA; Ryan and his surviving men fight to hold them off.  Trinity is by Ryan’s side.  As they battle, the computer detects the shift coming in the field which means the crossing is seconds away from happening.    Dave (the Geek) calls out for them to fall back, the time has come.  Just then Trinity is hit and falls.  Ryan calls to Carl and orders his men to hold the line.  Carl takes Trinity and starts to head to the gate.  He yells at Ryan to follow.  But, Ryan and his men will not, they will hold KA off for as long as they can.  He wishes Carl his best.  “Take care, my friend.”

Carl falls back with Trinity in his arms just as the gate activates.  Taking him, Trinity and Dave back to 2017.

Ryan and his men fight to the end.  Ryan is hit and falls as do the others.

Dying, Ryan is confronted by KA. Who looks down on him with other contempt?  Ryan looks up at KA and smiles.  “I always said I would pick the place and time when I would leave this world.  Karma is a bitch.”  From the hand of Ryan a grenade rolls from his fingers.  KA looks down, shocked at the sight. He turns to run, but it is too late the grenade goes off killing him and all those around him.

Back in 2017 Carl, Trinity and Dave, leave the cave.  As they do, Carl sets off a tracking beacon signaling for help.  Trinity is dying.

Soon a helicopter flies in with help, abroad is a medical team and Maria.   They are picked up and taken to an airfield where an SOS flight is waiting to take then to France.

In France they try to save Trinity’s life.   But, what is now clear is that the wound Trinity has was not just a gunshot wound but the bullet used had a poison in it.  This is the reason Jacob became ill and died.

They fight to save her life but not knowing what the poison is, they can only keep her comfortable until she passes.

Carl and Maria know their daughter will not make it past 24 hours.  Carl orders a jet to take them back to La Palma Island.

As the plane lands, there are only a few hours left.  A car takes them to the estate.  From there, with the help of the house staff Trinity is taken to the seaside place she would often go, overlooking the ocean. The place she first made contact with Markus.

As they arrive, the staff is having a hard time carrying Trinity up the stone steps to the landing. Carl pushes them aside taking Trinity in his arms and carries her to the landing to watch the last sunset.  “I was the first person to hold her when she came into this world and I will be the last one to hold her when she leaves.”

Carl and Maria hold Trinity as the sun sets before then.  Trinity smiles at her Mom and Dad.  “Thank you. Thank you, for everything.”  Trinity looks at the sun and the sea.  A tear runs down her face. She smiles.  “I can feel the water at my feet.”   Then she takes her final breath in their arms.

The next day Trinity is laid to rest in the family tomb.  A single candle burns.

That night Maria and Carl sit overlooking the sea.   In Maria’s hands is Bianca’s diary the one which Bianca had left for Trinity to read years later in 1881.

Dave comes to them and hands them a letter which was given to him by Trinity before they left on the last mission.

Carl reads it.  Trinity talks about her dreams, but this time it is different, this time, standing on the far back is Kim, Andy, Robert, Tom, Keara, Jacob and her children.  She looks to her side and the only ones standing next to her are Maria and Carl.  She smiles at them and then takes a step into the waters of the river and slowly walks to the other side and joins her friends and family.

They embrace.

Trinity Crosses the Rubicon for the last time.

Maria and Carl are now sitting with Bianca and Orlando as the sun comes up over the mountains of La Palma and the start of the new day.  A day full of hope and a future filled with love.