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Crossing The Rubicon Feature Trailer

Crossing The Rubicon - Thin Sunset line


With RC’s previous background in the film industry, producing a feature trailer for the release of Crossing The Rubicon was a natural fit. Set to the track Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell. the beautiful pen and ink sketches illustrate many of the key scenes and moments found throughout the book.

The combination of the music, the aged look of the sketches and words attached to each image help portray the emotions and the excitement the reader will go through as they race through the book, much like a modern movie trailer.


Crossing The Rubicon Short Trailer

Crossing The Rubicon - Thin Sunset line


This short 24 second trailer was created as a quick teaser for the books release. Utilizing many of the same colors and font stylings of the full trailer, it was created to add some excitement to the initial launch.

Crossing The Rubicon - Thin Sunset line


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