Andy’s Story – The Conclusion….

Andy’s Story, The Conclusion

Crossing The Rubicon - Thin Sunset line

We hope you’ve enjoyed Crossing The Rubicon and we thank you for reading all the way through to the last page as you now get the benefit of an extra chapter.

A secret chapter that only those people who read past the end will even know about. And since it’s a secret, can you keep this between us, other than to tell your friends to make sure to read “all the book“!


Crossing The Rubicon - Thin Sunset line

The Final Chapter…

This chapter explains what happened to our friend Andy. You see, his story didn’t end that night the ship fire started, it lasted much longer than that and contains a few more insights.

Along with some new information about their adventure that I’m sure you’ll be talking about!

So rather than drag this out, check your inbox shortly and you’ll receive your bonus of Andy’s story. Oh, but before you start reading, could you do me one (or two) favors?

Could you tell your friends about the story and let them know they should read it? As a new writer getting people to see your work can be a bit hard, but with your voice out there telling people it will really help, and who knows, perhaps it will lead to another book filling in even more blanks about their journey.

Also, if you picked the book up from Amazon, can you give us a review and rating? This will help others know whether it’s worthwhile and help others to enjoy it, hopefully as much as you have.

So thanks again and by now your final chapter should be available for you to read through, enjoy!


RC Richter

Crossing The Rubicon